Mission Statement

Welcome to the Statement Of Purpose section. The statement of purpose is meant to act as a set of guiding rules for the Vampyre Nation sites. All employees within the Vampyre Nation are expected to adhere to these guidelines to the best of their ability. All updates to the Vampyre Nation will be made with the statement of purpose in mind. The statement of purpose is not intended to establish dogma, nor is it meant to stifle thoughts and ideas - It is, in fact, supposed to stimulate growth within and without the Vampyre Nation.

The statement of purpose is not a set of rules - There will be no penalty to anyone, in any shape or form, for refusing to adhere to the guidelines. I would ask, however, that you do not deliberately flaunt these guidelines without a good reason. The statement of purpose has been set in place to aid the Vampyre Nation as a whole.

The Statement Of Purpose Is As Follows:

(1/5) To provide an informative, and helpful group of sites dedicated to providing safe havens for all within the Vampyre Nation sites. Also, to better educate the general public with regards to said sites.

(2/5) To do extensive research into all areas of the Vampyre Nation sites, with the aim of developing theories and experiments to better aid all within the Vampyre Nation.

(3/5) To develop and maintain a worldwide communications centre between all within the Vampyre Nation sites, with the aim of encouraging interaction between the various groups, and thereby the profligation of information and, hopefully, understanding.

(4/5) To gather and catalogue as much information as relates to the Vampyre Nation sites, and to make these archives available to any and all who wish to peruse them.

(5/5) The Vampyre Nation is, first and foremost, dedicated to research. It is an independant organization, and as such may have no political, religious or affiliative links with any organization which threatens to bias its research, or neutral standing. No donations, gifts, rewards or loans may be taken from any such organization.